How have Technology and Internationalization Affected Marketing Research?


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When you think of marketing research, do you think of focus groups, surveys and large-scale interviews? If so, then technology and internationalization may have changed this method of market research. In fact, technology has led to many new types of research methods that have become increasingly popular over the years. With that being said, this post will discuss how technology and internationalization have impacted marketing research around the world, and how these new types of marketing research are changing the way we conduct business today.

The world has become an increasingly global place, and more and more businesses are going global with their marketing strategies to appeal to consumers who want the same products and services that they enjoy at home, no matter where they’re located. It’s important to track how these changes have affected marketing research because the industry as a whole could be at risk if it can’t make the transition successfully. Technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and internationalization has given marketers even more options than ever before; however, neither of these things have made this process any easier or less important for companies everywhere.

Evolution of market research

Marketing research has changed drastically over the years. With the advent of technology, business owners now have more opportunities to collect data than ever before. Social media monitoring, search engine optimization, and email marketing are just a few of the techniques that provide businesses with an opportunity to understand their customers better. Marketers can also use internationalization to target consumers in other countries. For example, many companies use online ads to generate awareness about their products in different markets around the world. Although marketing research is always evolving, these new technologies make it easier for companies to get feedback from their customers and grow their businesses in new ways. In particular, social media monitoring makes it possible for brands to listen to what consumers are saying about them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Businesses can then create specific campaigns based on this information which gives them more control of their brand’s messaging. Companies have already started embracing the changes created by technology and internationalization. Some have been successful while others haven’t quite figured out how they should adapt their current practices accordingly yet. As time goes on, however, we will see marketing research transform even further as businesses evolve with changing trends in society.

The role of technology in marketing research

As technology becomes more advanced, it has become easier to conduct research by utilizing web surveys, social media platforms, or other forms of data gathering. This has made marketing research less time-consuming for both the researcher and participants. At the same time, globalization has affected marketing research in a positive way because it is now easier for companies to reach a wider audience through digital marketing initiatives. For example, international brands can easily advertise their products in foreign countries with an online campaign or a short-term advertising campaign. The results are immediate and there are no borders blocking access to new customers.

A study done by GEI Consultants found that 96% of consumers worldwide use the internet on a regular basis, which means that marketers will need to adjust their strategy in order to target these new customers who are able to purchase from abroad.

Another benefit that globalization has brought about is faster delivery times on products imported into new markets. The cost of shipping internationally has also decreased due to competition among shipping services. With this change, many retailers have expanded into overseas markets with no worry about increased costs or limitations.

Overall, technology and globalization have had different impacts on marketing research but they’ve all been for the better!

The role of internationalization in marketing research

Marketing research is a term that encompasses the various techniques and methods used to gather information about consumers in order to make informed decisions about products, pricing, packaging, distribution channels, etc. One way marketing research has changed over time is with the rise of international markets. With globalization, companies are now targeting consumers in other countries. In order to do this successfully it is crucial to understand cultural differences between countries. This includes different economic systems, values systems, demographics, etc. Therefore, marketers need to be more knowledgeable about these aspects when conducting research outside their own country. The role of technology in marketing research: The rapid increase of technology also plays an important role in changing how marketing research is conducted today. For example, social media provides an additional channel for data collection and can create rich consumer insights through its use.

Technology enhances in market research Automation

Technology has enhanced the way we do research in so many ways, but I’m going to focus on automation. Automation can save time in a variety of ways. For one, it can help with data processing, which is often done by hand. This not only helps save time but also reduces the likelihood of errors being made while inputting data (which can lead to skewed results). It also helps with data organization, which is necessary for any marketing research project. These are just a few ways that technology has helped improve market research. There are plenty of other things that you can automate as well, like information gathering or surveying. With all these technological advancements, there’s never been a better time for marketers to engage in market research!


Marketing research is an important factor in the success of a company. However, not all research is created equal. As globalization increases, how does marketing research change to accommodate for it? It’s important to keep up with technology as well as globalization. As business becomes more globalized, marketing research needs to be adapted to include these aspects as well. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished. The first way is by using polling companies that specialize in international marketing research such as Ipsos MORI or Global Market Insight (GMI). In addition, there are specific tools that can help conduct international surveys through video interviewing. For example, Zoomerang has been doing market research for more than 20 years. They use their proprietary software to conduct focus groups and polls via video conferencing without participants having to leave their own homes.


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