How to Balance a Bedroom with Only One Night Stand?


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When it comes to design, there’s no room more important than your bedroom. After all, how much time you spend in your bedroom can directly influence your quality of life. But here’s the thing – most bedrooms are too cluttered with furniture, and it makes the entire space feel overcrowded and hard to navigate around. That’s why when designing your bedroom, you need to be mindful of how many pieces of furniture you include in the space, so that everything has its own place without feeling crowded or overwhelming. You may be saying, But I have one night stand, to which I say — well, good for you! If that’s the case, feel free to skip this article and continue to be smug about it. However, if your master suite or guest room only contains one night stand, then you may need some help figuring out how to balance your bedroom so it’s still functional and stylish with only one bedside table in it.

8 Ways To Balance A Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

  • Position The Bed Differently To Balance A Bedroom
  • Make The Nightstand A Feature In The Bedroom
  • Counter Balance A Single Nightstand Using Another Piece 
  • Do Something Unexpected To Balance A Bedroom
  • Use Cushions To Shift The Focus From The Nightstand
  • Add A Rug To Add Balance To A Bedroom Setting
  • Balance A Single Nightstand Using Art
  • Create A Feature Wall To Balance A Bedroom
  • Position The Bed Differently To Balance A Bedroom

Position The Bed Differently To Balance A Bedroom

One way to achieve this balance is by positioning the bed differently. There are many different ways you can do this, but the most popular way is by placing the bed on an angle. This will give your single nightstand two surfaces, which will make it seem like you have two nightstands instead of just one. Another way is putting the bed perpendicular to the wall in order to give your single nightstand three surfaces instead of just two. Finally, if neither of these first two options appeal to you and you want something more dramatic, you can put your bed right in front of a window so that when it’s time for bedtime reading, there’s natural lighting coming from outside that won’t need any artificial means (e.g., lamps).

Make The Nightstand A Feature In The Bedroom

The nightstand is often overlooked in the design of the bedroom, but it can be a great way to add dimension and visual interest. The key is placement. A bedside table in the corner of the room or against the wall will visually divide up that area of your bedroom and make it feel smaller. If you have a large enough space, place two nightstands on either side of the bed instead. It will create more of an open feel and utilize all that valuable floor space. Keep reading for four more ways to get creative with your nightstand! Use Your Nightstand To Create More Storage Space: When placing your nightstand, leave some floor space between it and the headboard or wall. You can also choose to use that empty space as storage by purchasing shelves that attach to the back of the nightstand. You’ll not only save money by buying one piece of furniture instead of two, but you’ll also increase the amount of storage available without taking up any additional square footage in your bedroom.

Counter Balance A Single Nightstand Using Another Piece

The easiest way to counterbalance your room is by placing another piece of furniture on the opposite side of the bed. So, for example, if you have a desk on that side, place a chair or two chairs on the other side. If you have an armoire in that corner, put your dresser in this corner. A couch in this nook? Place it in that nook as well! You can also use some floor space by adding bookshelves, ottomans and footrests. As always, try not to crowd the area and keep plenty of floor space around each item. Remember: every design decision should be considered carefully before implementation and plan ahead when possible! It’s very important to be aware of the space you need in a room before starting. Is there enough floor space? Can people get past your nightstand without walking into the wall behind it? Are there outlets close enough so that no cords are visible from any angle in the room (and will they even reach)? Is there sufficient light available without glare from lamps positioned too closely together, preventing them from being used as reading lights for one another? 

Lastly, consider whether or not what’s blocking natural light and circulation is necessary.

Do Something Unexpected To Balance A Bedroom

It seems like the simplest way to solve this problem is by adding an additional nightstand. However, this might not always be possible depending on the layout of your bedroom and the size of your bed. If that’s not an option for you, there are other ways you can make it work. First, consider if you have enough storage in your room already or if there is something else you could use as a makeshift table for your lamp and alarm clock. If that’s not possible either, then consider buying some decorations that will help to fill the empty space in your room like art or plants. This will make the room feel less empty and more balanced overall. On the other hand, if none of these solutions seem viable to you, it might be time to rearrange the furniture in your room. For example, try placing your dresser on the opposite wall from where your bed is and place two nightstands near each side of the dresser instead of just one on one side.

Use Cushions To Shift The Focus From The Nightstand

A single nightstand in a bedroom can be tricky to decorate. If you have other furniture in the room, like an armoire or dresser, you may be able to hide it. But if not, there are still some ways you can make the room seem balanced. The most obvious way is by using cushions on the bed or floor for extra seating that take the focus off of the nightstand. Another idea is to use two bedside tables and place them on opposite sides of the bed so they appear equal in size. You could also fill your space by putting something smaller in front of the nightstand like a pretty tray or stack of books. When all else fails, choose one decorative object from each side of the room and place it next to the nightstand.

Add A Rug To Add Balance To A Bedroom Setting

Adding an area rug, or even just a runner, can help balance out the space. You can get creative and place them strategically for some extra flair, like along the foot of your bed. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits nicely in your room’s decor. And if you’re looking for something smaller that won’t take up any valuable floor space, try using a runner instead. These are available in various lengths and widths, so it’ll be easy to find something that will fit right into your room without taking up much space at all! Of course, the more traditional option is to go with another nightstand. If you don’t have enough room on either side of the bed for a second piece of furniture, then head over to IKEA for their very affordable options. They have ones starting as low as $20-30 which are perfect for adding another surface next to your bedside table.

Balance A Single Nightstand Using Art

Don’t be afraid to use art as a way to balance out your space. Think about colors, patterns, and placement. This is an easy way to utilize something that you might not be using in any other area of your home. You can find affordable pieces at local thrift stores and many artwork options from online retailers like Amazon. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try painting the canvas yourself! There are plenty of DIY tutorials on Pinterest that will show you how to do it if you don’t have any experience. A single nightstand isn’t a problem for most people, but for those who want more storage this is a great way to add some without buying more furniture.

Create A Feature Wall To Balance A Bedroom

Decorating a room can be tricky when you have limited space. Try creating an art feature wall in your space instead of adding more furniture like a second nightstand. This will help make the room look bigger, and it will also bring in style and personality to the space. You can paint or wallpaper the wall or you could even use fabric and create your own DIY project from scratch! Be creative and use what you have available. Some ideas for this kind of situation include: 

  • -Mounting your TV on the wall (it’s much less bulky than adding a tv console) 
  • -Hanging artwork on the walls 
  • -Using a standing mirror as well as hanging framed pictures above it (this will take up much less floor space) 
  • -Adding shelves for display purposes (use them for books, trinkets, or anything that makes sense) 
  • -Covering empty walls with sheets to add color 
  • -Consider using decorative pieces in lieu of night stands


It’s easy enough to balance a room with an odd number of pieces of furniture, but when you have an even number of pieces and there are no more places for them, things can get tricky. Here are some tips that can help you make it work. The first thing you’ll want to do is rearrange the room so that you can get as many furniture pieces in there as possible without having any major cramping. Next, if need be, try rotating your bed so that it faces the opposite direction from before. If this still leaves your room looking too unbalanced and cramped, try taking something out of your room or re-arranging items until it feels balanced again. This may take some time but eventually you’ll find yourself able to live comfortably in your space once again!


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