Training and Goals: How to Start Running Long Distance


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Let’s face it, long distance running is out of reach for many people.

If you haven’t exercised in years, starting a run can be daunting, frustrating, and discouraging. If you have been running already, perhaps you just can’t seem to improve your time or distance.

Whether you are entirely new to running or trying to get better at it, here’s how to start running long distance. With the right training and goals, it is possible to achieve great results.

Running is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. Keep reading and find the perfect running route.

Set Your Goals on How to Start Running Long Distance

Before you start running long distances, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

For example, your goal could be to run a 5k race in 3 months. The goal is specific (a 5k race). It is measurable (3 months). It is attainable with the right training. It is relevant to your fitness goals. Also, it is time-bound (in 3 months).

Create a Running Routine

Once you have set your goals, it is time to create a running routine that will help you achieve them. Your running routine should include a mix of running and walking. It should gradually increase in intensity and duration over time.

For example, you could start with a 10-minute run/walk interval, and gradually increase to a 30-minute run/walk interval over the course of several weeks. 

Begin with jogging a few miles a day, a few times a week. Aim to increase this distance over a span of weeks. Start with a mile at a time and then build up as you become comfortable.

Find the Perfect Running Route

The perfect running route can make all the difference in your running routine. Look for routes that are safe, well-lit, and offer a variety of terrain. Stay safe and leave valuables at home. If you need your phone, use a running belt for carrying cellphone

You may also want to consider running routes that offer scenic views or interesting landmarks. As you become more comfortable with running long distances, you can start to explore new routes and challenge yourself with more difficult terrain.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is key to achieving your running goals. One way to stay motivated is to track your progress using a running app or fitness tracker.

Seeing your progress over time can help you stay motivated and keep pushing yourself to improve. You may also want to join a running group or find a running partner. They can help keep you accountable and motivated.

Rest and Recover

Rest and recovery are essential to any running routine. Be sure to give your body time to rest and recover between runs. Listen to your body if you experience any pain or discomfort. Incorporating stretching and strength training into your routine can also help prevent injury and improve your overall performance.

Get Started Soon

Learning how to start running long distance can be challenging. With the right training and goals, it is possible to achieve great results. Set realistic running goals. Create and build a running routine for you to follow.

Find the perfect running route for your training. Stay motivated for success and prioritize rest and recovery. These are all essential components of a successful running routine.

With patience and perseverance, you can achieve your long distance running goals and improve your physical and mental health.

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