What Is ABA Therapy?


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Children with autism typically find it difficult to engage in normal social interactions with other children as well as adults. This often comes with behavioral problems in every area of their lives.

ABA therapy is one way to address this. But what is ABA therapy? 

It is a way that children with autism can learn how to overcome some obstacles and improve their education. The ultimate goal is for children to be able to function well in society and go on to have rewarding careers and relationships.

Read on to learn more.

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, is an extensively studied, evidence-based form of therapy. This is often used to help individuals with a wide variety of conditions, ages, and backgrounds.

It focuses on the processes of behavior change. It makes use of both established and evidence-based techniques to promote such change. ABA works by breaking behavior into its parts and teaching them one at a time through structured, frequently repeated practice with reinforcement.

You can have ABA or autism therapy at home. There can also be sessions at school or clinical settings that are often used in combination with other treatments.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy

ABA can help individuals improve their communication, socialization, and academic success. This will also help in reducing their challenging behavior problems.

By assessing a person’s behavior and surrounding triggers, ABA can help understand why an individual behaves in a certain way. Once analyzed, targeted intervention is used to help change the behavior over time.

ABA is beneficial for a wide range of behaviors, including:

  • nonverbal communication
  • basic academic skills
  • life skills
  • social skills
  • behavior modification skills

Common Techniques Used in ABA

Common techniques used in ABA therapy include:

  • positive reinforcement
  • prompting
  • modeling
  • shaping
  • responding to cues

Positive reinforcement allows the therapist to reinforce desired behaviors, which can lead to increased repetition and generalization of desired behaviors. With prompting, a therapist introduces a verbal or physical cue to elicit desired behavior. Modeling is when the therapist demonstrates a desired behavior for the client to imitate.

Shaping involves gradually teaching the client more complex behaviors in small steps. Finally, responding to cues is when the therapist observes how a client responds to their environment and adapts their strategy accordingly.

ABA Therapy for a Variety of Conditions & Ages

ABA is often used to treat autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, and attention deficit disorder. It has also been used to help children and adults who have difficulty managing everyday behaviors. Such behaviors include aggression and inappropriate behavior issues. It may also help to improve communication, basic skills, and social and daily living skills.

Find the Best ABA Services for Your Loved Ones Today

ABA Therapy is an effective evidence-based treatment for individuals with autism that can help improve skills and learning abilities. It should always be supervised by a qualified provider.

If you would like to learn more about what is ABA Therapy or have a loved one who may benefit from it, consider speaking with an ABA therapist today.

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