What Are the Main Steps to Renovating a Garage?


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Are you considering a garage renovation?

Some of us want to make our garage safer, while others simply want to add a new level of style. A renovated garage is sure to take your home’s value up a notch.

However, many people forget how much work goes into renovation projects of all kinds. From redesigning the layout to adding glam accents, it’s all in your hands.

Read on to learn more about the main steps to renovating a garage.

Planning Your Renovation Project

Planning your renovation project is the first and most important step in renovating a garage. Start by measuring the existing area and mapping out your desired design.

A good garage layout should comprise separate zones for different activities, storage, and car parking. Researching and gathering information about building, electrical, and plumbing codes is important.

This will ensure the job is done safely and up to local standards. Then, it’s time to select a general contractor, architect, or engineer to oversee the project.

You may either need a subcontractor to complete the job. You’ll also need to submit plans to the local building authority to get any permits necessary.

Setting a Budget

When renovating a garage, setting a budget is of utmost importance. By setting a budget you can maintain control of the project and ensure that all costs are accounted for.

The first step is to determine and allocate the amount of money for the remodeling. It is important to be realistic, as any over-budgeting could create major issues in the long run.

Get quotes from contractors. If you will be hiring someone to do the work, make sure to get at least three quotes and compare prices.

Estimate how much you can afford to spend on the project and do not exceed it. Once you’ve set a budget, it is essential to research the necessary materials.

Consider the cost of materials and labor needed to complete the project. This should help give an overall idea of the total cost of renovating the garage.

Schedule Renovation Work

Scheduling renovations for the garage requires careful thought and planning. It is important to develop a timeline with specific goals that are realistic and attainable.

Figure out how much time it will take to complete the renovation and enlist the help of professionals if needed. Break the renovation project into phases and stages so that one can address each phase separately.

Setting aside time throughout the project to review progress is also important. This is to ensure that the renovation goals are achieved.

Depending on the complexity of the renovation, the timeline may change, so it is important to stay flexible. Proper scheduling of the renovation project is critical to maintaining the timeline and budget.

Think About Adding Insulation

When renovating a garage, one of the main steps to consider is adding insulation. Insulation will help the garage keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter and can save you money on your energy bills.

The first step in insulating your garage is to inspect your walls and ceilings for any existing insulation. If none are present, you’ll need to measure the walls and figure out how much insulation to purchase.

Next is to install insulation, which may involve the use of insulating sheets, batts, or foam. Make sure you add weather stripping and caulk wherever necessary to keep air from entering or escaping.

Choose Garage Flooring

The first step to renovating a garage is to decide what kind of flooring you want. There are many different types of flooring available, such as tile, laminate, epoxy, vinyl, and polyurea flooring.

Once you decide on the flooring, you need to measure the area and purchase the necessary materials. If you’re going with tile, then you’ll need to buy the adhesive and choose the grout color.

For the laminate, you’ll need the underlayment and foam board. Knowing more about polyurea flooring is the best choice due to its durability and ease of installation.

Consider how much daily traffic the garage floors need to be able to withstand. Make sure they are moist and slip-resistant.

Once you’ve prepared the area, you can then begin laying the flooring following the manufacturer’s directions. After you clean the surface, install a vapor barrier, lay out the flooring, and use a sealer to protect the new floor.

Consider Installing Storage Solutions

Install wall storage racks and ceiling storage hooks. You can also come up with custom storage options such as building garage shelves that are specific to your needs.

To install these storage solutions, make sure you measure your space. This will help you know how much storage you need and can fit in your space.

Ensure you use studs, drywall anchors, and the proper hardware to secure your storage solutions for the wall and ceiling. During the installation process, think about the weight of what you plan on storing.

See if the storage solution can hold that weight. After the storage solutions are installed, you can add aesthetic details such as corner shelves or pegboards to conveniently store items such as tools and other equipment.

Inspect the Finished Product

Inspecting the finished product for the renovation of a garage is an essential final step. Once all work is complete, a thorough assessment must be conducted to check for any remaining issues.

Before making a final payment to the contractor, verify that all materials are properly installed and nothing has been overlooked. Make sure to check if everything is finished.

Evaluate if all renovations adhere to local codes and regulations. Lastly, test the functionality of new fixtures, like outlets and lights, to ensure they are in proper working order.

Don’t rush the inspection process. Take your time to make sure it meets your standards before giving your final approval.

Renovating a Garage With These Easy Steps

Renovating a garage can be a challenging, albeit fun, home project. By determining the scope of the project, you can begin updating garage remodels.

Now that you are aware of the main considerations, you too can take on a garage renovation. Start your project today to give your garage an updated look.

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