Where To Store Extra Mattress In One Bedroom Apartment?


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Good quality mattresses are not cheap, so how can you make sure that you don’t waste the money you’ve invested? The simplest way to store your extra mattress in one bedroom apartment is by turning it on its side and rolling it up until it becomes as small as possible. Just make sure that you don’t roll it too tight or too loose, otherwise your mattress will start to develop permanent dents which will impact on its comfort and quality. To get the best night’s sleep you need to have a mattress that fits your body, your preferences and your space. Unfortunately, living in an apartment means that we don’t have extra storage space so every square inch of our apartment has to be used efficiently. We can take advantage of the vertical space in our apartment by using it to store our extra mattress instead of buying another piece of furniture to do it. Here are some ways to store your extra mattress in an apartment with limited space!

Keep the mattress under a bed or with in a trundle bed

If you have a trundle bed with an empty space underneath, you can place the mattress there. This would save space and keep it out of sight. If you don’t have a trundle bed, or if the space underneath is too small for your mattress, you can place it under your bed. It may be difficult to get up and down from the floor with it there but this solution will work if you’re short on space. If neither of these solutions work for you, consider purchasing a storage bench or hanging storage shelf to put under your bed. Storage benches are a great way to make use of space that’s otherwise unusable. They often come with drawers, shelves, and cubbies which provide ample storage options for all your items. Hanging shelves are also an excellent choice because they utilize vertical space so well without taking up any floor space at all! You might want to look into a closet organizer as well if you need some organization help. Closet organizers typically consist of various compartments and racks which allow you to easily organize your clothes by type, length, size, etc., saving you loads of time when getting ready each morning. You could even create one yourself using nothing more than tension rods (which you probably already own), a few wire hangers (or command hooks) and some shelving brackets!

Convert your mattress into furniture

If your bed is the only thing that takes up space in your room, you might want to consider turning your mattress into a couch. There are a few different ways you can do this and all of them are surprisingly easy. This technique is perfect for those who live with roommates or have limited storage space available. You could also use the old box springs from your bed as a coffee table, TV stand, or even side tables. The possibilities are endless. Here’s how you convert your mattress into furniture: 

  • Cut the fabric off both ends of your mattress, so it opens up like a pillowcase. 
  • Add cushions and pillows inside to make it comfortable enough for sitting. 
  • Fold down the top layer of fabric on both sides to create armrests. Add cushions/pillows where needed for comfort. Fold down the top layer of fabric on both sides to create armrests. Put some extra pillows on either end if necessary, then fold back the two layers at the end (to hide any unsightly seams). Flip over onto its new bottom-side position and voila! Your own customized furniture creation!

Disguise your mattress as a décor

One of the ways you can hide your mattress is by disguising it as a decor piece. Check out these cool furniture pieces that double as storage for when you need some extra space. 

If you’re looking for a place to store your mattress on the floor, get creative and find something that doubles as a storage spot! A cool idea is using your bed frame to hold the box spring and mattress. Just put a fitted sheet over the top and it’ll look like an artful piece instead of just an old twin bed frame. 

If you are living with roommates or have limited space, then check out this hanging shelf! It could be used for storing clothes, bedding, books, and other things too. It’s made from a strong steel wire and comes with two hooks that support up to 250lbs of weight (and is great for those tall ceilings). The best part? No assembly required! All you have to do is hang it on the wall and start filling it with your stuff. Be sure not to overload any shelves though because this does not come with any shelving brackets.

Build a Loft

Mattresses need space to breathe, so it’s better for you and your bed if you keep them off the floor. You can build a loft bed with a sturdy frame that’s at least five feet tall and then place your mattress on top of it. That way, your bed is up off the ground and there are no crevices for bugs to hide. It will take some time (and maybe some help) but it’ll be worth it when you finally get all those pesky critters out of your home. Plus, it gives your room an instant storage solution because as soon as you climb up into the loft, there’s plenty of room for anything else you might want to store inside. Whether it’s boxes of clothes or old textbooks or your favorite stuffed animal, they’ll have their own little spot waiting for them. If you’re afraid of heights, though, don’t worry! There are also shelving units that attach right to the side of your bed. They’re more expensive than building a loft, but they work great if you’re short on space.

Final Thoughts

If you have the space, storing your extra mattress in a closet is an easy way to keep it out of sight. If you don’t have the space for a second closet, try storing it under the bed on a lower shelf. You can also create makeshift storage by stacking boxes or other large objects on top of it. When you’re ready to use your spare bed, just pull it out and get yourself someplace comfortable! The Complete Guide To Your Bedroom Closet (2019) provides great tips for maximizing the space inside your bedroom closet, like putting shelves at different levels so that you can store all kinds of things vertically. For example, I put my bookshelf at waist height so I can stack books on each other, which takes up much less room than if they were stored horizontally along the floor. For more tips on how to organize all of your clothes, shoes, accessories and anything else that goes inside a closet. Read more for these type of blogs.


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